Project: Network Defense
Status: On Hold

Description: Network Defense is a networked version of the common Tower Defense type game. To my knowledge it is the only one of it's kind.

In addition to being Networked, it is 100% data driven, meaning that anyone can create all new content for it. From maps, and creeps to turrets.

Everything is based on very simple XML files, with the exception of the turrets. Turret's actions can be anything the creator wants, and use Angle Script to accomplish this.

A major focus has been to keep everything as simple as possible so the barest minimum of technical know-how is required to get started with making content. Almost unlimited flexibility is provided to the more advanced user willing to learn some scripting.

Attention has been paid to keeping network traffic low, and designing the architecture in a way that allows the server to be run inside the client, or as a stand alone dedicated server.

Network Defense is still in active development but there is a Developer Preview available below.

Links: [Developer Preview] [Source]

Language: C++
Libraries: SFML, Boost, zlib, AngelScript, TinyXML++