Project: Master Mind
Status: Complete

Description: This was a project for my Client/Server class. The game is Master Mind, you select four colors and put them in any order and the other person has to guess them. After each guess the guesser gets told how many pegs where the correct color and in the correct place and how many were the correct color but in the wrong place. In my version you play both sides of the game simultaneously.

First both players create a code for the other to guess, then you both guess each others code at the same time. There is the option of setting a timer so when a code is guessed correctly the timer starts thus rushing the slower player. Games can be played in a series as well. When the game or games are finished the players return to the lobby to chat and start a new game if they wish.

Download (Source Included)

Language: Java
Development Time: Aprox. 1 month