Project: Dark Rock Mapping
Status: Inactive

Description: Dark Rock mapping studios is pretty much the gaming department of Dark Rock Studios. I started creating 3D maps for Half-Life 1 probably my freshman year of high school (1999) and continued for the next four years on and off, Eventually creating two maps that gained some notoriety. A review of my single player map pack can be found here ( version, the old site is gone). Article Highlights:
  • "This represents a more homogenous way of dealing with your Half-Life world; solving puzzles realistically.."
  • "..the maps used to make this world material are beautifully done.."
  • "I enjoyed using what's left of my mind for onceā€¦"
Also my death match map for "They Hunger" is featured on the They Hunger web site for add on maps.


Format: v30 BSP
Finished Projects:
  • Plan B: Single player map pack
  • Dark Rock: Multiplayer death match map for the mod "They Hunger"
  • Silicon Valley: A defuse map for the mod Counter-Strike

Development Time: Aprox. 2 Years