Project: Game Of Life
Status: Complete

Description: As every computer science major in the world has done, I have created a simple version of John Conway's "Game of Life".

The simulation engine is written as a separate library which a Simulation View then renders. This provides me with the flexibility to use the simulation in many different applications.

The simulation supports multiple players with a very small modification to the original cellular rules. If there is a cell which meets the conditions to be brought to life by more then one player, then it comes to life for no one.

A few small additions I added, generation tracking, the longer a cell is alive, it's color will change to reflect that. Also you can toggle grid wrapping, meaning the edges wrap around to each other.

The Redux:
One night when I was bored,
I started this project. I'm now using raw OpenGL calls to
do the rendering so I can do some cool effects, like
blending the cell colors smoothly from one to the next.

Also, There is a 3D view which you can freely fly around in.
You will notice that the generation tracking via color change
is still present, but also, as cells get older they grow taller.

The Free fly view forced me to finally do a project I have
been wanted to do for some time. An extremely simple to use
6 degrees of freedom Quaternion based camera.

Not only is the public interface extremely easy to use, but
there is nothing to link to, simply include it into your
source and it's good to go. Check out the EZCamera project on this site for more info.

Links: ( Win32 build + Source ) ( Win32 build + Source )

Language: C++
Libraries: SFML, EZCamera