Latest: adam_02nov2006.plan
The movement system has undergone some more changes due to mouse look and my Trig knowledge has been put to the test working with the angles generated from mouse look. Mouse look, side strafing, friction, Velocity Read out, and World Coordinate tracking are all working.

The current movement code for the camera does not allow for side strafing and forward/back movement at the same time though which is pretty important. Also there is some mixing of what code should be in the Resource class and what should be in the User class. So those two things need to be sorted out.

But I think I am going to move onto geometry loading and get back to them since neither is essential at this point. In fact, though it would be crappy, I could leave the current movement code not allowing simultaneous movement in different dimensions as is. Of course when I turn this into a product that will have to change. But I really need to get moving along with this. So the geometry loading and rendering code must be adapted now.

- Adam

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