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Well as is to be expected after developing a system as complex and important as the movement physics system I spent some time analyzing it and created a much more concise, efficient, system.

So the movement physics have already undergone a major revision which now easily incorporates friction. I have to implement a Velocity read out so I can ensure the friction is making the user maintain a constant speed. After then I will implement world coordinate tracking (not hard). And then Mouse Look. That should round out the beginnings of not only a solid base for the movement system but a solid beginning of an FPS style camera.

Then of course comes the adaptation of the Geometry loading and rendering code.

I also spent several hours today reading articles and forum posts on source code optimization and found many techniques I will need to learn more about and go through and refractor much of my code with after running gprof. I was starting to get very worried about performance, my frames had started to dip to the low 500s with the old movement system, but with the new revision we are back steadily above 600 while moving.

Very exciting to have that working :)

- Adam

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