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Work progresses slowly when you are burnt out. But I struggled through my mental fog tonight and managed to work out some new concepts for how things should work as well as lay down a quite a few lines of code.

But with just over a month left before finals Im starting to wonder about what can realistically be accomplished before the deadline. So tonight Im going to review what has been done and what is left to be done.

So far the following has been accomplished:
  • Platform layer implemented with SDL
  • OpenGL integration
  • Cross platform OpenGL text
  • Majority of the Framework Services implemented
    • AutonomousActionService
    • ElementManagerService
    • EventRelayService
    • ModeService
    • SimulationResourceManagerService
    • TimeService
  • Framework Base classes govern and simplify the interaction between everything inside the framework
Along with all of the Framework progress some progress has been made towards the Simulation implementation such as implementation specific Entities. As of right now it is possible to load the Engine, move around in the empty world ( The green grid is there ).

This doesn’t sound very grand but a good example of the hard work on the Framework paying off is the FPS counter. With all the base classes all that was necessary to implement this was to inherit from the Text2d Class and over ride the getString() method of the Text2d class with a function that would query the TimeService and use the information appropriately.

What is left to do? Well to night a lot of work was put into the movement physics portion ( Which has generated the first Element Service as opposed to a Framework Service, The KineticElementManagerService ) which required a new portion of the Framework to be created. The Autonomous Action Service which allows Elements to perform actions without any user input initiating those actions.

The movement physics will not require too much more work to finish, and this will easily allow for pseudo physics such as friction and gravity. In fact, it necessitates them.

Any way after that I will have to adapt my old geometry loading and rendering code into the framework. This. Will take. A lot. Of time. In the process of adapting the loading and rendering code I am going to finish implementing the light map loading and rendering code that is partially implemented in my old engine so it actually looks decent.

This whole process Im allotting a month for. So assuming I finish the movement physics this week, that will give me only about two weeks at the end of the semester to work on some sort of tech demo of the engine and it’s abilities.

Oh man…

- Adam

Comment: Jack - 2006-10-31 13:10:25
dude keep it up! i wanna see the product... ill go back to VF if you need me to ttake pics again

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