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The last couple days of coding are very much a blur. Its hard to remember exactly what I touched. But after a ton of very hard work where very little visible progress was getting accomplished I have two major break throughs.

The first seems minor but was really a very VERY time consuming thing. I finally have cross platform text rending. The second is I now have user controlled movement of the camera.

The latter probably doesn’t even sound that trite but its even more complex then one might anticipate because while I had the timid beginnings of the event system in place already the entire concept and implementation of the system matured GREATLY over the past few days and there is now a solid base which will be built off of rather then the flimsy concepts from before that had to change as new things were needed.

The input controlled camera movement is in its very early stages and this part is going to require a lot of attention to get right since the systems that affect its movement are the systems that affect all movement in the 3D world.

Lastly I implemented the changes to my Logging that I mentioned in the last .plan. While its not a huge thing it is sssoooo nice for development let me tell you.

Any way this is going to be a short one for the same reason Im not posting another screen shot of the state of things. Because Im freaking exhausted. And I seem to be getting sicker and sicker no matter what I do. Aannnyyy ways... Several large strides forward but so many more to go...

- A very tired Adam

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