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So while I had created a graphics test that had a textured polygon rendering to the screen, it was still relying on some sample code that is provided with the SDK to set up the console's graphics system.

About a week ago we made the decision not to depend on any of this sample code, which is why we had to write our own memory management code. Since then I also wrote our own code to set up the input from the controllers (Once I got it working I implemented: A button turns the motor (vibrator) on, and B button turns it off... we are planning to market it to the small but growing market of lesbian gamers ;) ), and yesterday I finally wrote all the code to setup the graphics system.

So finally free of the constraints of the SDK demo code, we started looking into a few remaining issues before we start the actual game. Geometry loading for one.

With our new memInit.h file, we can pull in any C or C++ file we want and have it work out of the box now. So after searching around a bit we have decided to go with the MD3 model format. Used in ID Tech 3 ( aka Quake 3 to the rest of us ) it is a great format that has been evolving for some time and is battle tested. And since it is such a widely used format, we can just grab an open source loader and drop it in with our memInit.h doing all the porting :)

So I guess the next thing to do is going to be, create an extremely simple menu from which u can exit or enter the game, just to show the system works, and then I will begin integrating ODE (Open Dynamics Engine, the open source physics engine we plan on using) and start working towards a playable version!

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