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Quite a bit happening lately. I finished the mission system which utilizes the event handlers I finished last time. And I implemented a one sequence mission.

Then I went on to implement the in-game chat I had been talking about. I ended up using PHPFreeChat which is an AWESOME little script. I plan on either donating or finding some code to contribute so I can remove the badge. Not that I don't want to recognize their efforts, I just want a very cohesive feel to it all.

With that finally implemented, tweaked, and bug tested, I started working on the Web Browser which is going to be a huge part of the game going forward.

It shouldn't take much more code to get the browser functioning. Then I will implement a more complex mission involving the browser and email together.

I also plan on implementing a console. Mainly for easily outputting debug info but maybe later for use as a command line interface.

So thats it for now, stay tuned, very interesting things to come!

- Adam

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