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Well quite a bit of time as passed since the last .plan file. And a lot has transpired. I spent quite a few days beefing up my hash table class as well as putting a lot of work into the base cases.

These are the classes that not only run the entire framework but EVERYTHING inside the framework either inherits from, or requires to function. Needless to say they are becoming very robust.

So with most of that done I sat down this weekend and began implementing the functionality of the SimulationResourceMangerService which is the back bone of the graphics. It manages the scene graph.

Unfortunately I still have no graphics to show. Unlike the rest of the framework that seemed almost atomic ( It had to work the way it works or it simply would not work. ) The SRMS could be designed 10,000 different ways and neither one would be very clearly more right than any other. So a very large amount of time was spent on design decisions and metal test cases.

But I now have a pretty firm system of how things will be designed in this implementation and have just put in quite a lot of hours implementing it.

As of right now I have the User entity ( Which now inherits from Resource which in turn inherits from Entity ) on creation registering it’s self as a resource and then setting it’s self as the root of the scene graph. This process sounds simple but the complexity of it is real. There was a lot that had to be done to ensure future flexibility. And how it is set up now I am confident I won’t be limited in feature possibilities later.

Any way, next time I will be implementing a basic Text Entity which will add it’s self to the scene graph, then I will begin integrating OpenGL into the Visitor class so it will actually render stuff while it traverses the Scene Graph.

- Adam

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