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It may be that I'm running on only 2 hours of sleep but debugging is especially frustrating to me today.

Any way, a few days ago I solved several more big bugs which allowed me to load, unload, and load another level several times before it crashed.

Then I ran it through valgrind again to identify more trouble spots. More spots found, and fixed today. Pretty much the last memory corruption bug now has to do with the Camera class deleting it's Scene Graph Nodes. It is a bit of a special case so it makes sense it is the one causing problems. But I have been over it and over it, fixing little logic errors associated with very obscure code paths along the way, and I can't find a single thing wrong with it now. It's very frustrating.

Once that is solved ( some day ) there is quite a bit of memory leakage happening. Mostly obvious stuff. Part of my texture memory, a temp buffer during creation, isn't being deleted. It should be pretty quick to get most of that under control.

A few steps forward. But so much has been revealed to me during this debugging that is necessary to make the code base clean. I'm going to be spending a lot of time cleaning and refactoring...

- Adam

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