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So, I've spent almost a week on this memory corruption bug. Talked to a lot of people and read a lot of things and finally come up with a plan to crush it after it evaded all my previous methods.

I downloaded valgrind which is "the" memory manager / tracker for Linux. This thing has been used by NASA for the Mars rover and EA for games like Battle Field, I mean this thing is the heavy weight champ of it's class of programs.

So I booted into Linux, wrestled with my video drivers a bit more and updated everything since I haven't booted up into Linux in a few months. Then I got valgrind running straight from the Ubunutu repository.

And let me tell you. This program is a dream. I will have this memory corruption bug plus many other potential bugs killed in short time.

I'm leaving for the weekend to get my bike ready for the season and bring it up to school, but you can bet there will be a flurry of activity next week, killing this bug plus starting work on collision detection!

Stay tuned!

- Adam

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