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So lots of news with Black Engine. Some good some bad.

The good is, I've brought on one new developer Naxos, who is going to be helping code, and working on brining on at least one more, Crazedbrit.

The release of v.6 went over really well in my opinion. It got a ton more attention then any other release so far. 76 downloads in the first 4 days. Not bad for an engine in such early stages as Black Engine.

Now the bad. The BSP unloading bug I've been hunting is proving to be an exceedingly elusive memory corruption issue I believe. I've eliminated a few very stupid stupid bugs already ( deleting stack allocated memory, derived classes not having virtual destructors ) and caught quite a few potential memory leaks. I even get a level to unload and reload now and then, but it's just luck, there is still severe memory corruption some where so after loading the new level it dies quickly.

Also, in the process of hunting this bug I have found a rather... large. design flaw having to do with an Element failing to register with the Element Manager Service and thus having to delete it's self but being unable to do so. I've been discussing a few solutions on the gamedev boards but none of them are very elegant. So we'll see where that goes.

All in all progress is being made though. And hopefully I'll be able to crush this memory corruption bug soon.

- Adam

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