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I put in QUITE a few hours today. Encountered some very frustrating problems, but long story short is the new camera system is implemented.

Going to take some tweaking and polishing, but I have the engine loading into a menu, then from the menu, then you select the map you want to load by pressing the correct button, it loads and you go from there.

I still have to work on cleaning up the memory and changing maps and just lots and lots of little polish things. Here is the list of polish left before the release:

- Finish Texture manager memory manager

- Polish memory clean up code for unloading BSP maps

- Implement new controls to go back to the menu system

- Re-implement FPS HUD 2D elements into the new camera

- Re-implement vertical movement hack

And thats it! I plan on having 2 maps in the new release which you will be able to select from the menu. And if I get enough time maybe I'll work on new menu graphics because the current ones SUCK.

I'm freaking wasted. Night.

- Adam

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