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So lots of time passed and very little work got done.

As usual some odds and ends I thought of were tweaked and fixed as I was coding unrelated things. Then spring break came along and I didn't even see a computer for 7 days [ very nice :) ] Then I came back and bought the first game I've paid for in 6 years, STALKER, which took up more time.

Anyway long story short ( too late ) I finally started coding again. Wrote the the first Input Widget implementation which is a simple button. Then went back and implemented input handling in the Windowing Service, and Window Managers which was quite a bit of work, but you can now switch which window is active and it all works nicely. I'm currently finishing hooking up the input to the actual buttons. Which will fire events to any subscribers when pressed. And that should be it for now for the Windowing sub system. It really is a truly robust system.

Later I plan on implementing a few new things:
1. Separate boarder quads to support separate boarder textures ( visual improvement )
2. Theme manager, to handle different window visuals easily.
3. Font manager, not strictly a Windowing component but closely related.
4. Resolution scaled windows and such.

But for now, once the buttons are finished, I'm going to get back to the new 3D camera system, finish that in 1 code session hopefully, then bug test and tweak for the v.6 release!

So stay tuned.

I didn't think this warranted a whole nother .plan file so I'll just append it to this one. I finished hooking up the input to the Input Widgets, and have the first successful use of a button fireing an action, and a special action handler class responding accordingly. So it's all done! The window system is done for the moment. I kinda can't believe it. Maybe tomorrow I can get to the camera system!

- Adam

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