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Well, did a bit more work over the past few days. A lot of it in planning and design, and more in C++ research.

Finalized the basic widget design and implemented a 'Label' widget which can be used to put text labels on a window. Next up is InputHandlingWidgets which are pretty much designed, just need to implement one to hash our the unforeseen nitty-gritties that always pop up. So I'm going to implement a simple button class which is actually the last GUI related class I will be implementing for this release. Also going to implement a bit of functionality in the 2D Display Graph nodes to mimic their 3D counter parts so that all nodes under a 2D translation node will share that 2D position shift. It will simplify widget management a bit.

Thats about it. I'm going to be frigging pumped when that is all done. All thats left after that is hooking up the input to the WindowManagerService which will manage active windows etc, writing the clean up code for unloading BSPs, and implementing the new Camera system.

And of course, there will be small tweaks and polishes to other things before the release. One thing for sure is I'm going to finish the stage 2 texture memory management as I have been calling it. This simply tracks how many things are using each texture, and when nothing is using a certain texture it will free the memory. The last improvement was to check if a texture had already been loaded and to not re-load it. So this is just really finishing that system.

Also been doing research concerning my performance issues and have almost certainly pegged the biggest culprit. But I have many other things to focus on at the moment so that will come after the v.6 release.

Any way I've been on a role lately getting at least something done every day, so lets hope it continues and I get a release out soon-ish!

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