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Ok! I have a real treat for you to night! I worked out the bugs in the code I did last nite and got my windowing API rendering!

Now keep in mind the window looks like crap because I didn't spend any time on the textures it uses, thats it. It could look like anything you want. So with out further adu, here it is.

It may not look like too much but I assure you it's a very robust API with a high level manager that makes window creation and management very easy :)

So whats next? I'm glad you asked!
1. Being able to hide windows
2. Multiple window managers
3. Window Themes
4. Window Layouts ( think Java style window layout managers, but simpler for now )
5. Window content ( Buttons, text labels for now )

And thats it for now for the API, once that is all done I will move on to implementing the new camera system, and then like I've said 100 times now, tweak a few things and get a release out!

Btw, totally off topic, just saw "Groundhog Day", What a freaking awesome movie!

That is all.

- Adam

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