Latest: adam_01feb2007.plan
Wow... that was not fun. at all.

I implemented the refactoring of the Resource base classes I talked about in the last .plan file.

It was a TOTAL bitch, affected many many files. But I took the opportunity to clean up some other code and add in Doxygen comments to most of the files I touched.

So there were a TON of tweaks along with the changes and additions I implemented. It all compiles and runs now. The scene graph is empty so it doesn't display anything, but thats intended.

I have to implement the new camera system before I can get the 3D components rendering again. That sounds like more then it is, it's really a pretty small change which will make a lot of things nicer.

I had about a month of changes that were not committed to the SVN which made me uncomfortable. So I committed all of the months changes even though it doesn't "run" persay.

Any way, with that huge task out of the way, I can get back to finishing the windowing API.

Once the windowing API is done, I have to tweak a few things and then I will do a public release!

- Adam

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