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Real quick one today, I finished the 2D base classes and got the Black Engine tag image displaying on the HUD again, with alpha blending.

Those base classes and the 2D Text base classes I did a long time ago are all that is required for my basic GUI. So now I am going to start work on the GUI service which I'm planning to have work quite a bit like a simple windowing API.

Meaning, you tell it the dimensions, location, and title of the window. Then using member functions of that base window class, you can add things to it like buttons. Really looking forward to this actually, should be fun :) The other thing that will have to be accomplished along with this is having the Modes in the mode service take over control of setting the scene graph and such. This means, when you switch to the 2D GUI mode, that mode switch will automatically remove the 3D scene components from rendering, and when you push on a 3D mode it will push it's components into the scene graph. Much more dynamic way of handling things. Any way hopefully I can hammer most of this out to night and tomorrow!

- Adam

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