Latest: adam_26jan2007.plan
So the logging system has been completely over hauled finally. There is now a separate logging thread so that write operations will not block inside the rendering loop. Formal logging messages are now implemented with logging levels so for public releases the logging level can be lowered from debug so there is less spam in the log file. Also as far as writing debug info goes, there is a much longer list of overloads for the write() function so any data type can be parsed out to text easily.

Also been working on the new 2D components to create a truly flexible base which a GUI Service will build on top of to provide a robust interface. Once this GUI service is complete it will be what the user sees instead of just loading straight into a BSP file. Then from there the user will be able to select the BSP file to load or exit the engine.

That along with 2 bugs that need squashing is all that is left on the release list!

So hopefully I can get those done soon and get a release out.

- Adam

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