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I'm knocking down items on my release list fast and furious.

I finished implementing my new ConfigurationService which loads in *nix-ish config files in the form of:

# Commend line
Key1 value1
Key2 value2

So they can be accessed like:
getValue( "NameSpace", "Key1" );

I hooked this up to the renderer already so the resolution and if it is full screen or not can FINALLY be set in a config file! This is something I have wanted to do since the engine started 2 years ago but always got put off!

The hooks for collision detection are finally in as well. Lets see what else...

I've been going through and slowly adding Doxygen comments to old code, as well as to all new code. I doubt the next release will be fully documented, but the one after that will be.

I also completely over hauled the boot strapping process of the framework which will crash more gracefully now if something fails as well as produce more informative log messages.

Also wrote the new unified TextureManagerService to replace the functions in the BSPManagerService. So now everything in the framework loads and manages textures in the same way. This is a big step because it allows for the 2D classes finally!

I'm debating what to do next now. There are 3 things left before I'd be comfortable doing another public release.

  1. 2D Interface classes

  2. BSPManager clean up code

  3. Asynchronous logger

While the 2D interface would be more rewarding, the number of logger calls is increasing a lot, and the longer I wait the more function calls will have to be replaced. So that will probably be next.

Theres still quite a bit of work left to do for a release, but getting close. Baring any unforeseen events, I should have v.6 out by the end of the week since I have nothing else to do!

- Adam

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