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Had a lot of time while being home to do a whole lot of nothing. Spent a lot of that time lately thinking about the engine, areas to improve, etc.

Coming down the home stretch on yet another improvement to the Kinetic Resources system. Should be even more efficient and concise.

Also since I've been home I reformatted my main box and am now dual booting a clean install of XP as well as Ubuntu. Since I plan on using Ubuntu as my primary development platform from now on I figured it was time to get BlackEngine cross compiling. And after really not too much work I have the Core project successfully compiling under Linux. I still have to now get it to cross compile for windows in a Linux environment, but thats not hard at all. So now that I have to process down I will finish off the next 3 projects and get them cross compiling as well. Long story short is v.6 should be released for both windows and linux!

More off topic, I've been fighting a war against Viagra spam bots spamming the comment forums on these .plan pages. It was really becoming quite a pain, but I'm pleased to report I have struck the final blow in this war, and the spam bots have been defeated ;)

Any way, heading out for a couple days, looking forward to getting some serious development done after the 1st.

So Happy New Years everyone!!

- Adam

Comment: Christian - 2006-12-29 22:50:57
Not enough comments here! ;)

Comment: Adam - 2007-01-06 15:22:51
Haha ya. Maybe when Black Engine begins to become more public we'll have more.

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