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These last 3 weeks were INSANE. Finishing final projects in the weeks leading up to finals week I pulled all nighters EVERY night of the week, no lie.

Then finals week, I had to do well on my physics final just to PASS for the semester. Not having gotten above a 68 on any exam in that class so far I was sure I was going to fail.

Long story short I fucking blow the final out of the water and PASSED!!! FUCK YAY!!!

Sorry, bit off topic but that... that’s just huge :)

Any way during finals week while I was a little bored I went back and cleaned up an issue with the build environments which took a long time but has made doing builds of dependencies MUCH easier.

Also I've been taking to a graphic design major who is interested in working on a game with me using Black Engine. So we have been in the very preliminary stages of drafting game ideas and have what I think are some pretty innovative ideas.

The engine still has a ways to come till it can be used for game development but I have pegged down a list of what must be done and have start to attack it. Hopefully in the early part of January I will get enough of the list checked off that we can start with very early stage development on some of our ideas.

Any way stay tuned if your interested!

- Adam

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