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0500 or as I like to call it. O-Dark Thirty.

Couldn't sleep so, got some coffee and a sandwich at the mobile and headed over to the labs to get some work done.

Spent the time here reorganizing the source code into separate projects.

This has resulted in a significantly cleaner build environments that I'm quite pleased with. The new organization is a follows:

- Core: Contains the Core Framework code base, what was referred to before as the Framework and Framework Services. Also the base classes that everything must inherit from.

- Extension: Contains the blocks that use the Framework to create a Simulation Engine. So these files are more apt to change. The renderer is here, the BSPManagerService is here. These are not entirely game specific, though if a certain game required new abilities the engine did not currently provide this is where they would have to be added.

- Simulation: These are the game specific Entities and Services. A game developer should be able to work mostly in this project to develop their product.

- Main: This is the platform layer that maintains the main program loop, initializing, and tying everything together. A game developer should have to make minimal changes to this project, basically just instantiating some high level things maybe.

I have a bit more work to do adding some functions to the FrameworkContainer in the Core project to allow for a bit more access to parts of the Framework now that things must be handled in a more dynamic way. But over all the conversion has gone very smoothly and what has resulted is much cleaner. Was able to eliminate quite a few antiquated files and linkers too.

Any way after a bit more work I will move onto the tech demo stuff. Been doing a lot of thinking and research about the Scene Graph too. There will be some major changes coming to that soon.

- Adam

Comment: ju2wheels - 2006-12-09 04:59:41
offtopic but wtf... site layout is pretty cool im likin it. you tackling anything new and interesting that I can wrap my brain around lol. Ill be on break in about two weeks, so I can use something to keep me occupied... hit me up

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