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So it's been a while since the last update. Work was a bit spotty for more then a week but some work was accomplished.

It's hard to remember all of the little things, tweaks, minor bug fixes, that get accomplished while working on larger systems but rest assured there has been quite a bit of work done.

I have put in two very long coding stints (12+ hours) in the last two days and plan on at least two more for the weekend. I finished adapting my old rendering and loading code into the framework and SDL. There is a small bug with the BSP tree traversal that seems to have to do with some sort of precession error but I don't think it will take long to squash. I also need to re-implement my Entity loading code which should only consist of uncommenting a few lines and changing 2 other lines.

Once I feel the code is bullet proof enough I am going to move onto creating the tech demo I will present in 3 weeks to the CS Dept.

For the tech demo, at a bare minimum I plan on having a basic GUI that loads when the engine loads. From here you can select a BSP file to load or to exit the program. When you select a BSP file, it will load with a loading screen, then obviously you will be able to move around in the 3D BSP world. You can hit ESC at any time and it will bring you back to the GUI and you can load a new BSP file or exit if you choose.

There are only two real tasks here. One is creating the simple GUI system which is certainly non-trivial if I plan on it being a solid base for future more robust GUI systems. And two, and this sounds like I'm a bad coder for not already having this, but make the BSPManagerService able to clean up after it's self, so when you load a new BSP file it unloads all the data from the current BSP file.

There are several other things I would have liked to implement, like gravity and collision detection, but gravity can't be implemented with out collision detection, and collision detection is just too much for the time I have left.

If I did get all that done for the tech demo and had time to spare I'd like to do something with interacting with some sort of object in the world. Maybe just pick up and dropping a box or something. Who knows, we'll see.

- Adam

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