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Well the first day of Fall is here and production on Black Engines new Framework has begun in earnest. I spent 5 hours last night working on the Class hierarchy set up. The Framework now Initializes Framework Services.

As a test of the base Element class type ( EVERYTHING inside the Framework inherits from Element ). I created a User Entity ( The hierarchy goes: Element -> Entity -> User )
and then used the ElementLookUpService ( Which is a Framework Service, and which will probably be renamed to the ElementManagerService soon. ) to find the User Entity instance and report information from it.

This is a very critical step because this is pretty much the back bone of the entire framework, Object lookups that is. Right now the storage of the look up information is stored in a vector, obviously horribly inefficient. But I plan on designing and implementing a hash table for storage which should drastically decrease search times.

The next step is one of two things. I need an initial content loader, but that requires two services plus the beginnings of my scene graph implementation, so that will probably come later. The second is the SimulationModeService ( Which is a Framework Service ) which will handle input dispatch.

So hopefully I can cram some time into the next few days. My goal is to be back to where the engine is in v.5 by the end of October. We'll see how that goes...

- Adam

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