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C3 :: From Prototype to Production

No I haven’t hit any sort of production or even commercial level polish. But the title sure had some nice alliteration huh? 😉

As the title hints at though, the past month has been a great example of the vast gap between a prototype (as seen in my last YouTube video) and a production ready product.

At first I thought doing all of the alarm clock stuff (with Google Calendar integration) would be easier because I was now doing it on Android, with Java and all of Androids high level features. Boy was I wrong.

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Thirteen Falls 2012

13 Falls 2012Starting out13 Falls 2012On the trail!13 Falls 201213 Falls 2012
13 Falls 201213 Falls 201213 Falls 201213 Falls 201213 Falls 201213 Falls 2012
Critter HoleNo foot prints13 Falls 201213 Falls 201213 Falls 2012Animal Tracks
Animal Tracks13 Falls 201213 Falls 201213 Falls 201213 Falls 201213 Falls 2012

Thirteen Falls 2012, a set on Flickr.

Had a pretty awesome over nighter up to Thirteen Falls in the Pemi wilderness last weekend.

Got to put some new gear to the test, most of it turned out awesome. A few under-performers though, like my new -20° sleeping bag, who’s draft collar was defective. First pull, the bungee-cord came right out of the draft collar :/ Also, just didn’t quite live up to the -20° rating.

It’s about 8 miles in, which we managed in roughly 5 hours.