C3: Prototype Testing

Good news everyone! I’ve reached prototype stage! And I’ve got a video to prove it!


And with that I set to some real world testing.

Night 1: The alarm went off as expected! I snoozed it (as I am want to do). But 30 seconds later it went off again! I had left in my hard coded debugging value of 30 seconds for the snooze time :/ Realizing this in my half awake state, I got out of bed in order to turn the alarm off… but nothing happened… with the alarm still blaring out at full volume, I inspected the app closer, and noticed the pressure value was not updating. I close and reopened the app in an effort to reconnect to the sensor, but to no avail. I ended up having to go under my bed and power cycle the IOIO.

Debugging first thing in the morning is not my idea of fun.

Night 2: In preparation for night 2, I decided to connect to the IOIO over USB to ensure the connection remain steady for the whole night. But 8am come and went with no alarm. I didn’t have time to collect any data on what went wrong because I was in quite a rush when I finally did get up.

I had a nagging suspicion however that the volume may have been at least partly to blame. So I modified the app to hard set the volume to max every time it went off, and I improved some of the data smoothing related to the pressure sensor to avoid false positives for getting out of bed.

I also discovered that, with the current firmware on the IOIO, it won’t provide power to the phone over USB, so that’s not really an option at the moment.

Night 3: Connected over Bluetooth again for this night of testing (due to the charging issue over USB), and added in some more debug logging. This time the Alarm went off at full volume, exactly when it should, and snoozing worked beautifully. But the Bluetooth connection was lost again. I got up and plugged my phone into my computer and dumped the logs. They don’t go back far enough to see the disconnect, but I got some data out of it anyway.

I’ve modified the app now so that when the connection is lost, it dumps the Log to disk right then and there, so Night 4 should produce some more definitive results as to whats going on.

Onward and upward I say!