C3: Wireless Sensors!

I’ve been making good progress since receiving my IOIO. Got it up and running over USB, tested it all out, and then had to wait for my PICKit3 to upgrade it’s firmware. Once it arrived, it took some time for me to grok it (I’ve never used a PIC programmer or anything like it before) but finally got the Firmware upgraded and got the IOIO talking to my phone over Bluetooth.


The next step was to recreate my sensor circuit and get back to where I was with the Arduino, and now I have it all soldered together in a more permanent fashion.

Look ma, no breadboard!

For now anyway, that pretty much wraps up the hardware side of things. I’ll create an enclosure later, and maybe add a few more sensors (temperature, humidity, etc).

The other side of the coin, my Android app, has been coming along in between hardware work. I have it communicating with the sensor, and have a nice setup process to calibrate the sensor for any bed (measuring the dead load of the mattress). And I’m about 60% of the way toward using Google Calendar to set Alarms. Though Android’s Calendar provider is rather… rudimentary. So I’m having to write a bit of a wrapper library in order to utilize it.

C3 Alarm Clock

Anyway, that’s it for now, I should have a working prototype very shortly!