C3: the Cloud Connected Chronometer begins

Over the weekend, many weeks of research culminated in the first concrete progress on my new hardware project. First let me give a run down of the idea for this project.

The core idea originated from the fact that I’m a bit like Jekyll and Hyde. Except instead of a murderous monster living in my psyche, there is a sleep loving monster who shuts off my alarm clock instead of snoozing it. I know. It’s ridiculous. I’m determined to be victorious, however, which brings us to my latest weapon in this battle:


It’s an alarm clock that solves the problem using a pressure sensor. The sensor will be between my mattress and box spring, so it will “know” if I’m still in bed, and simply not allow me to turn an alarm off until I get out of bed and stay out. Though I will still be able to snooze alarms as usual.

Now in order to interface with this pressure sensor, I will of course be using my trusty Arduino. And given that, a whole world of possibilities open up! So in addition to the Arduino, I’ve also pilfered the Wifi board from my robot. So here is the short list of features the C3 will center around:

  • Time always accurate using NTP (Network Time Protocol), never set it again after losing power!
  • OLED touch screen for simple input, vibrant graphics, no back-lighting for good night time viewing.
  • Alarms scheduled using Google Calendar. Never have a work alarm go off on the weekends, vacations, or days off.
  • Pressure sensor to ensure alarms are not turned off while still in bed.
  • Current weather conditions displayed on screen.
  • WAV or MP3 playback for more pleasant alarm types.

I’m also investigating a speech synthesization chip (SpeakJet) to allow it to talk 😛 And obviously there are many more possibilities having an internet connected alarm clock that I will explore once the base features are implemented.

So stay tuned for more updates as I progress on this!