Monthly Archives: May 2011

Prototype: Deformable Terrain

We’re in the early planning and prototyping stages for our next project. So I worked up a little prototype of the core tech we will need.
The core mechanic is based around one important assumption: That it’s fun to kick over someone’s sand castle 😛

To this end we need good free-form terrain destruction! So here is my first effort:

This is about 4 hours of work.

The is tech is inspired by two main games. One should be somewhat obvious. The Worms series.

But the other was a lesser known game that I played YEARS ago called Pocket Tanks (or P. Tanks)

It was an artillery game with a few twists, the most interesting of which (in my opinion anyway) was the terrain destruction!

So after playing quite a few rounds of it, and then a few more rounds (for research I swear!) I went ahead and implemented it in C++ using SFML

Next I’m looking to implement this on Android in libGDX. Some discussions with the libGDX team leads me to believe I’ll have to implement the actual pixel pushing using the Android NDK in order to get the unfettered access to the pixel buffer that I need. I’ve never worked with the NDK so this should be a fun learning experience to get my hands dirty with it!