Monthly Archives: March 2011

The Call of the Dark Side

So I’ve been working on a little Android game for a while now. Mainly as a first effort, small scope, learn the technology sorta deal. So it’s pretty simple in concept.

Anyway it’s getting to the end of development now, mainly just polishing and tweaking, so I decided to take a crack at making an ad supported version. Generally Ad Mob is meant to integrate with standard Android UI elements, and not just an all encompassing OpenGL ES canvas, so it look a little shoe horning to get it in there, but it’s in now.

I had been loading it up and trying it out, clicking the ads and testing how well my app resumed and such. And then I looked at my Ad Mob account… I had made $0.02!!! That’s real money! I mean not a lot obviously, but man! I was expecting like $0.00000001 or something! I mean after all it had only been me messing around for a few hours testing my app!

Now up until this point I had been taking care to only show ads in non-intrusive places, like on the menus, or only after you died in the game. But man! For a moment I had a flash of “holy cr@p! I could make real money off of this! Lets put ads EVERYWHERE!!!!”

I started rationalizing to myself how I could display ads during the actual game play, and I could use Ad Mob’s feature for interstitial ads ( for those of you that don’t know, an interstitial ad is one that takes up the whole screen and is usually placed in the middle of a flow between screens and must be manually skipped to continue on to the next screen, they are terribly terribly annoying ) to get even more ads in there!

I began tweaking some things and then stopped myself. I know how I feel about ad supported software to begin with. And especially software that’s just crammed with intrusive ads all over the place. Usually doesn’t stay installed on my phone too long.

I want this to be software that I would want to use. I want it to be a quality (if small) game that can still make at least some money. I plan on releasing the ad supported version along with a $1 ad free version. I feel like that’s the best compromise. And one that I would be happy with as a consumer & gamer.

But man… wouldn’t it be awesome to see that # in Ad Mob go way up 😉

Another one bites the dust…

Welp, funny timing my last post about there being no good Android phones at the moment.

My trusty side kick, the Motorola Droid has decided to die…

Not entirely mind you, but the touch screen is becoming unusable. The bottom left corner in fact. The hardware “back button” is the most affected, working almost not at all, but also anything in the lower right hand part of the screen has become very unreliable.

You wouldn’t believe how critical your back button is until you don’t have it 🙁

Anyway, my phone is pretty critical to my every day life as well as development (I’ve been working on an Android game which I will post about soon.) So I had to replace my phone. Since it was rooted, and I had canceled my phone insurance after the last time I had to deal with them (miserable experience), I was a bit out of luck, and had to buy a new phone on my own.

Being about 4 months out from my upgrade period, and not wanting to pay full off-contract price on a last-gen phone, I turned to EBay 😉

I picked up a Droid Incredible for $199! Not too bad for off contract! And when I do finally upgrade to a sweet new next gen phone, I’ll have this for testing purposes 🙂